Richard Shindell

Sparrows Point

cover of Sparrows Point

released 1992

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Richard's first record. Richard's Mom thinks it's his best. Richard doesn't agree, but he never contradicts his Mom. Both may be wrong though.

Produced by David Seitz and Richard Shindell (except tracks 2,5 and 10: produced by Steve Addabbo, Richard Shiindell, David Seitz). Recorded by David Seitz at Synergy Sound, Great Neck, NY and by Steve Addabbo at Shelter Island Sound, NYC. Mixed by David Seitz, Richard Meyer, Judy Aweiman and Greg Anderson at Synergy Sound. Mastered by Robert Vosgien (CMS Digital).


RS - vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
Steve Addabbo - electric guitar, harmony
Greg Anderson - bass, cittern, electric guitar
Chris Bishop - bass
Kenneth Blevins - drums
Larry Campbell - pedal steel, banjo, violin
Diane Chodkowski - harmony
Mark Dann - bass
John Gorka - harmony
Mark Hamza - hammond organ
Jack Hardy - harmony
Margo Hennebach - hammond organ
Winifred Horan - violin
Lucy Kaplansky - harmony
Joanie Madden - irish whistle
Mark McColl - percussion
Marshall Rosenberg - percussion
Ilene Weiss - harmony
Howie Wyeth - drums

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