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Newsletter #9

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Newsletter #9

Hi Everyone,

First, the good news is that Crecer Con Amor (the small school/community center with which I'm involved) is still fighting the good fight - providing educational support, guidance, wellness, and a loving environment to more than 140 local children who are still affected by the severe consequences of the Argentine economic crisis=2E However, we still need help=2E

Despite its remarkable resilience and perseverance in its mission, Crecer con Amor today is facing numerous economic and social obstacles=2E In response, both HelpArgentina, Crecer con Amor and its friends (myself included) have teamed up to support this beloved community center=2E We are encouraging individuals like you to become long-term "Socios" (partners) with Crecer con Amor=2E By giving US$20 per month, you can help us have a real and measurable impact on the daily lives of these children and empower them to reach their goals=2E

If you feel like this (or any) kind of commitment might be within your means, please contact Jon Teel (jon@insightargentina=2Eorg)=2E He'll get you started=2E

Or you may contact me directly via my website=2E I'd be happy to answer whatever questions you might have=2E

As Jacqueline Marquez, the founder and director of Crecer con Amor is fond of saying: "Nada es impossible y siempre hay esperanza" (nothing is impossible and there is always hope)=2E Amen=2E And I thank you=2E

Now, to the music=2E

I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the upcoming shows=2E Here's a list (go to my website for the full details):

7/26 Passim (Cambridge, MA) - I'll be performing with Lincoln Schlieffer (bass), Ben Wittman (percussion), and John Putnam (guitar) - warm-up for Falcon Ridge

7/27-29 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (Hillsdale, NY) - very happy to be returning after a couple of years away=2E

8/2 Stanhope House (Stanhope, NJ) - back to my native land

8/3 Rubin Museu m of Art (NYC) - This is a very special place - acoustically perfectm, no sound system=2E I'll be appearing with Lincoln Schlieffer (on upright bass)

8/5 The Turning Point (Piermont, NY) - always one of my favorite places to play

Finally, South of Delia has been doing remarkably well, despite the fact that the entire record label consists of none other than yours truly=2E It's done extremely well in the Americana, Folk, and AAA radio charts=2E Reviews have been very positive=2E Now that sales from my website have slowed, the full-scale national distribution has kicked in (especially at Borders)=2E Also, the record is now available via a number of websites as a digital download (see the News section at richardshindell=2Ecom for a complete list=2E

So, what else? After this mini-tour, I come back to Buenos Aires for a couple of weeks before heading off for the UK and Paris=2E In September I'm back in the USA=2E



Help Argentina



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