Richard Shindell

Newsletter #17

newsletter imageHello Everyone,

I'm ridiculously happy to report that Not Far Now will soon be shipping. This will occur in three stages:

a) First, anyone who preordered as part of the Record Finance Program will receive their copy (along with the bonus cd, called Mariana's EP) BEFORE March 10. Thanks to all of you for waiting so patiently while the creaky wheels of industry here at Amalgamated Balladry grind - slowly but inexorably - into motion, just as capitalism itself seems to be grinding to a halt. Good timing, eh? Any other merchandise you may have coming to you (t-shirts, posters, recipes for risotto) will be shipped separately, later in March. You'll be receiving another email regarding this.

b) Everyone else may begin preordering (from the Online Store at, or by clicking on the cover image) as of right now. But those orders won't begin shipping until March 10.

c) April 7 is our official "street date" for the big online retailers, digital services, and what's left of brick-and-mortar retail.  

Live at Chandler Music Hall (Randolph, VT) / Digital Downloads

Many of you have been asking about a reissue of this recording. You have been heard. It is now available as a digital download at Click on Online Store. And speaking of digital downloads, all of my other records (except Not Far Now, at least for the moment) are also now available in that format (non-DRM, 320kbps, mp3) at the website's online store.

IndiEclectic has Lauched

This is an amazing project. I'm honored to be a part of it. I'll just quote from their mission statement: "Indieclectic is a community of like-minded musicians and artists who have come together to share their music in an environment unencumbered by mainstream music distributors. [It's] proprietary Artists Recommending Artists search engine offers music lovers a unique way to discover artists they don't know through recommendations by Artists they do know. IndiEclectic's Artist-Recomended catalogue affords patrons access to quality independent music they might not find elsewhere, on or offline." Highly recommended.

Cabin Concerts

A few words about a special event coming up in August.  Back in 1995 I played one of my first house concerts at the home of Tim & Lori Blixt, in northern Jersey.Their series, Cabin Concerts, ran for over ten years. Now the Blixts have moved on to organizing three-day events, in which they rent out an entire inn somewhere and bring along a singer for the duration - all in an unamplified setting.This coming August 19, 20, and 21, that singer will be me [Cumbersome Diamond anyone?]. I'll be joining the Blixts and about 40-45 others at an inn in southwestern Vermont called the West Mountain Inn. The rooms have been offered first to those who've participated in past Blixt events. At this point I am told there are only four rooms left, so you'll need to act quickly. Information can be found at By the way, they tell me I'm not allowed to repeat any songs over the course of the weekend.Now, I know I have three nights worth of songs. The question is, will I remember them all? Only a very lucky few will be there to witness that trainwreck.

Upcoming Tour

I may be in a town near you soon. Check the list over on the right. And if anyone out there has free tickets coming to them (as part of the Record Finance Program), please let me know if you'd like to attend any of these shows. Send a message to

Antje Duvekot's New Record

Finally, I urge you to check out Antje Duvekot's new cd, "The Near Demise of the Highwire Dancer", produced by yours truly, who is very happy with the way it turned out, if he does say so himself, adding yet another subordinate clause to this ill-fated sentence, which ends (along with this newsletter) right here, more or less.

Thanks for having read all the way through. Hope to see you soon.

  • Richard (Grand Wazoo, Amalgamated Balladry)