Richard Shindell

Studio Sale

Hi Everyone. In an attempt to pare down to absolute essentials, I'm unloading a bunch of gear I no longer use. If you're interested or have any questions, please send a Facebook PM or use the contact form on this website. Thanks. RS

Headstrong ‘L’il King Reverb‘ amp - A '64 Princeton Reverb clone. Excellent condition. $1150.
Friedman 'Dirty Shirley Mini‘ head - 20 watts, 3-pos. gain switch, fx loop, 8-ohm & 16ohm speaker outs. With original box. Like-new condition. $1300.
Vox MV50 AC mini amp head - w/manual & original box. Like new condition. $150.
Game Changer Audio PLUS Pedal - sustain effect pedal. Comes with add'l footswitch, original box & all papers. Like new condition. $275.
SIB Fat Drive - tube overdrive/boost/eq pedal. With original box. Very good condition. $225.
Throbak Overdrive/Boost pedal. With box. Excellent condition. $225.
Tapestry Audio Bloomery Black - passive volume pedal. With original box & papers. Like new condition. $150.
K&K Sound Quantum Blender - 2-channel ac gtr preamp. Very good condition. $250.
Fishman Aura Spectrum DI/eq - w/original box, papers, and software CD. Very good condition. $200.
Radial J48 Active direct boxes - 2 for sale, w/original boxes & papers. Both excellent condition. $150 each.
LR Baggs Venue DI - good condition, w/carrying case. $125.
Taylor Guitars K4 Equalizer/DI - designed by Rupert Neve. Great DI for guitars w/Taylor Expression system, also good as a mic pre. No power supply, so untestable. Probably good condition, but sold as-is. $125.
Presonus Bluetube V1 2-channel stereo tube mic-pre. With power supply. Very good condition. $75.
ART Studio V3 Tube MP - desktop single channel tube mic modeling preamp, w/power supply. Very good condition. $60.
LR Baggs Para-acoustic DI (older model) - good condition. $50.
Fishman Model G acoustic guitar preamp/DI - good condition. $40.
Mackie 1402 VLZ3 - 14-channel mixer, 6 xlr channels. Can run on 100-240v. Very good condition. $125.
Mackie 1202 - 12-channel mixer, 4 xlr channels. Old (early '90s), not a VLZ, but still good condition. $50.
Soundcraft Spirit Folio 10/2 mixer. 6 xlr channels + 4 1/4" inputs. Comes with power supply. Good condition. $45.
Rane ME-15 dual 15-band stereo eq - 1/4” in/out, single rack space. Very good condition. $40.
Crown D-75 power amp. Single rack space. Good condition. $45.
BK ST-120 power amp. 60W per channel. Only has RCA inputs, but has space to add others. Sounds great, ok cosmetic condition (one bent heat fin.) $45.
Yamaha HS5 - active/powered monitors, with all cables and original boxes. Excellent condition. $125 pair.
Audix Powerhouse 250 - active/powered monitors, with all cables. Very good condition. $75 pair.
Event 20/20 - studio monitors, passive. Good condition. $100 pair.
1 pair Klipsch KSB 1.1 black speakers. Excellent condition. $35 pair.

Protools Eleven Rack interface/guitar processor. With all original papers/manual and original box. PT not included. Like new condition. $225.
Tascam 202 MK V - dual cassette recorder/dubber. Pitch control, etc. Excellent condition. $75.
Large black 14-space rack (at least I think it’s 14 - maybe more - dimensions are 23" H x 16" D.) Very good condition. $35.
Anthro 2-shelf 48" Anthrocart - control surface/computer desk - 48"w x 30"d, upper shelf 47.5" x 21.5". Both shelves adjustable. Strong tubular metal frame, big 4" lockable casters. $100.
The 'TLC' department:
Lexicon LXP5 multi-fx processor, with midi. 1/2 rack space, with power supply. Input knob is a bit crackly/needs cleaning, but works fine once set. Otherwise good condition. Revel in '80s splendor! $45.
EMU Systems Proteus 2 Orchestral synth module. Single rack space, comes with original manuals, rack ears, etc. Unit works, but screen is intermittent, otherwise good condition. $35.
Opcode Studio 3 midi interface & synchronizer - very old (serial port!), comes with all manuals, papers, etc, in original box. Probably works! Good condition. $25.
ADAT XT20 - seems to be in good condition, transport works fine, some tapes more finicky than others because cleaning obviously needed. As-is. $20.
8-channel ELCO to 1/4” TRS snake - can be used with above, or for other uses. $20.
Mackie 1202VLZ mixer, with rack-ears (which have xlr outputs mounted in them, connected to the mixer.) Ok condition - needs a good cleaning of pots, etc. $20.
Behringer Ultra-gain Mic200 - single channel desktop tube mic modeling preamp, w/power supply & box. Needs a little cleaning, otherwise good condition. $10.

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