Richard Shindell

Before You Go

from Careless

Love, just a word before you go
Just a few things you should know
Come and sit here by my side

Love, how I wish that you could stay
But there can be no other way
I must send you on your own

Love, here's a place and here's a name
Love, she will hold you in her arms
And show you who you are

Love, you'll be hungry, you'll be weak
You'll be tempted, you'll be free
To turn away from me

Love, dressed in rags and far from home
You will wander all alone
You will wonder where I am

Love, you will laugh and you will cry
Love, you will live and you will die
But only for a while

There's a world that you must bear
They're waiting for you there
To lead them from the night
And bring them to the light

Love, here's a place and here's a name...

I wish you could stay
But there's no other way

updated: 2 years ago