Richard Shindell

Random Update from the Road


In a town as well-scrubbed as San Diego, it was reassuring to see a group of mexican kitchen workers protesting outside of Bing Crosby's Restaurant and Piano Lounge over in the belly of the beast, Fashion Valley. (I confess to having gone there yesterday in search of certain minor items of haberdashery). Those workers were a reminder - as if we needed one this week, as if it weren't always as plain as that aircraft carrier out in the harbor - that all is not as it seems in Pradalandia.

Inside the mall, a slightly guilty contrarian (such as myself) would've been hard-pressed to find any indication that the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression was in full mudslide. Nothing. Zilch. The place was packed at two o'clock on a Friday. Outside, when I saw the banner, I took it as a welcome sign that maybe, just maybe, people in this country might be about ready to grow a spine. Granted, my relief might've had something to with the mere fact of finally having escaped the mall.

On to music. I've just completed ten days in the studio with Antje Duvekot, in my capacity as producer of her new record. I must say it was a complete blast - and I appear not to have done too much harm to her songs, which are lovely. This production thing might be something I'd like to do more often.

As for my record, it's all but done. We're looking at a soft-release (that is, sold directly to fans) by the end of the year. In stores in early 2009. If you've already bought a copy (along with any other swag), I'll let you know when to expect delivery.

So that's my random update. I hope to see you at some of the upcoming West Coast shows.


updated: 10 years ago