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Newsletter #5

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Newsletter #5

First, here's an update on the status of Crecer Con Amor Children's Center, to which so many of you have contributed so generously, both with money and supplies=2E (Thank you for the books=2E Thank you for the lovely quilt=2E)  Those of you in attendance at recent shows may have noticed that I am no longer collecting donations - at least not directly=2E  Instead, we've come up with a more efficient, transparent, (and tax-deductible!) way for you to get involved=2E The center is now officially allied with HelpArgentina, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization "whose mission is to connect an International Community of Social Investors with responsible, efficient, and transparent organizations within the Social Sector in Argentina=2E" For more information, navigate to www=2Ehelpargentina=2Eorg, and then click on "Member Organizations"=2E There you'll find information on the Club de Madres Crecer Con Amor (it's official name), as well as information about the many other great organizations in the HelpArgentina family=2E

Also, I'm thrilled to report that HelpArgentina's sister organization, Insight Argentina is now sending international volunteers to work at Crecer Con Amor=2E  For those of you who have approached me at concerts asking about volunteering, this would be the way to go=2E Go to www=2Einsightargentina=2Eorg for more information=2E  

Now on to music=2E  The famous (yet ever elusive) record of covers is done - been done actually=2E Unfortunately it'll have to wait until next year, probably March, to see the light of day=2E  Believe me when I tell you that I would much rather it were otherwise=2E But such are the inscrutable ways of the music industry=2E In the meantime, I'm just going to move on and start recording the next disc of originals=2E

And speaking of commerce, on the recommendation of Richard Thompson's people, I've moved my online sales operation over to TheConneXtion=2Ecom=2E  The march of progress continues=2E

So that's it for now=2E Thanks for listening=2E



November 2006

Thursday, November 2nd 7:30 pm

Caffe Lena

Saratoga Springs NY


Call 518-583-0022 for more details

Friday, November 3rd

The Concert Hall

NY NY 10023

Double Bill with Tom Paxton

Sunday, November 5th 7:30

The Birchmere

Alexandria VA


Call 202-397-SEAT for more details

Double Bill with Susan Werner

Wednesday, November 8th 8 pm

Club Passim

Cambridge MA


Call 617-492-7679 for more details

Thursday, November 9th 8 pm

Club Passim

Cambridge MA


Call 617-492-7679 for more details

Saturday, November 11th 7:30

With Lucy Kaplansky

Chandler Music Hall

Randolph VT


Call 802-728-6464 for more details

Sunday, November 12th 7 pm

Iron Horse Music Hall

Northampton MA


Call 413-586-8686 for more details

more events


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