Richard Shindell


from Reunion Hill

I had a place in the desert
Just a roof and four walls
Where I could wait for the rapture
Where I could ride out the fall

I was keeping a vigil
I was deep in a trance
I was holding a candle
To the palm of my hand

Til I saw you smiling

Like a fool, I protested
I need time to prepare
You see, I never expected
Something so simple and clear

So I tried to persuade you
That I was not what you thought
That I would only disappoint you
That I cant be what Im not

You just stood there smiling

I looked around for a reference
There was none I could see
Is there a thread to the sequence
That brought this vision to me?

There are larks in the morning
Tracing lines to the lake
Three dimensions of mercy
Three dimensions of grace

You just stand there smiling

updated: 2 years ago