Richard Shindell

Beyond the Iron Gate

from Reunion Hill

First warm day in all these months
All the sunlight made me drunk
Made me feel like I could run
Made me feel like I was young

So I went out all on my own
I told no one where Id go
Anyway I did not know
I only knew I had to go

Out beyond the iron gate
Out there where you said youd wait

Id gotten used to living here
Call it habit, call it fear
Though I had glanced your way for years
Until today, Id never dared

But it was easy slipping through
Easy as the morning dew
That lingers til the afternoon
And rises up into the blue


And there you were right by my side
Reaching down to lift me high
I held on with all my might
Held on to a world made right

I heard voices all around
Someone moved away the shroud
I saw my children gather round
Now I will tell them what Ive found


updated: 2 years ago